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1. Recognizes responsibility of Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE).

1.1. Complies with HSE Policy and Procedure contained in PTBMP drug and alcohol policy.
1.2. Identifies hazard risk and control along with immediate action.
1.3. Provides preventive action aimed at Zero Accident level.
1.4. Cooperates closely with Client and community in accordance with HSE matters.

2. Works professionally, on time and cost effectively.

2.1. Carries out its contract obligations in compliance with Client expectations and BMP鈥檚 own standard of professional values.
2.2. Performs work in timely and cost effective manner.
2.3. Determines objectives and sets targets of production and safety to optimize company performance.
2.4. Embraces a policy of continual improvement through new technology, methods and equipment.

3. Acts with integrity, trust and respect.

3.1. Communicate PTBMP鈥檚 vision, mission and value.
3.2. Implement PTBMP鈥檚 values in order of decision making and action.
3.3. Believes and relies on commitment, trust and appreciation between employee and management.
3.4. Give priority to PTBMP鈥檚 objective and interest beyond self or team interest.

4. Builds strong & visible leadership and good teamwork.

4.1. Continually develops employee leadership skills as well as rewarding and providing opportunity for all employees to achieve their full potential.
4.2. Has a strong commitment to attract and retain qualified employees and place the right person on the right job.
4.3. Carries out effective communication between colleagues and provides for feed back to improve company performance.
4.4. Accumulates knowledge, inspiration and problem solving skills by investigating all issues or concerns raised by its employees or Clients.